Un punto de vista sobre la situación universitaria


Por Jessica Rosario, Kissimmee, Florida

It breaks my heart what is happening with the University of Puerto Rico. If only all stakeholders in the situation would be willing to works toward solving the problem. But no, each is just trying to get their way regardless of the consequences.
Nobody is holding accountable the responsible parties. The US government should work by not establishing impossible cuts in an already strained budget, but also eliminating the tax burden that certain laws place on every item that enters the island.

Even though an oversight on the spending budget is necessary, the priority cannot be paying the vulture funds at the expense of denying basic services to the American citizens living in the territory. All this while the Financial Oversight and Management Board is paid more than the average professional, and their meetings are held in places that the average citizen can’t take the luxury to visit.

About the students closing the University to make a point, you should reconsider if the message you’re trying to deliver is coming across as just the opposite. Closing the University is only showing that it actually is not that important for you to keep it working. That life can go on without it. Risking its funding, research, and accreditation is not going to give your children the hope to secure a high quality education at an affordable price. If the UPR closes, even more professionals will be pushed to leave the island.

I know my view will not be popular, but, I think I count with many intelligent friends who can let themselves consider possibilities that differ with them. Anything other would be a fanatic, right?

After all, the situation in which our island is today, is an unprecedented one. The tools that were used in the past might not be the right ones to fight this battle. We should be open to think new strategies. Realistic, and effective ones. We should be ready, willing and able to negotiate in order to achieve what’s most important, to think outside the box, and to compromise.

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