Vegabajeños| Albert Torres

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Por Margarita Persico

Se nos fue. Rest In Peace dear Albert. You were loved ❤️ by many–for starters by my mom, my family and me. It seems like yesterday when my mom couldn’t wait for us to turn 16, and as soon as you did we both went for our driver’s permit. And we got our terrestrial wings! Life took us far apart, but we managed to visit each other wherever–in LA, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷Costa Rica. You were part of our lives–my brothers and my husband’s too. My heat hurts today.💔 Our deepest condolences. Mucha fortaleza a la familia especially Luisa, Debbie and Michael Torres-Velez, daughters, and family. We will miss you. 😭 We will remember and celebrate your life, your contributions. Kind heart ❤️ Generous soul. Rest In Peace dear friend.
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