Positive story of the draft that never reached to International Level


By Georgie F. Ortiz, Former MLB Scouting Supervisor

In 2015 a rain of millions of dollars changed the lives of many people, including the «buscones» and others who are taking commissions under the table. That year 2015 a dozen of Dominican players received among them over 25 million dollars in bonus to sign, starting with Jhaily Ortiz (4.9 million), Wander Javier (4 million) and Vladimir Guerrero (3.9 million), not counting the 72.5 million From dollars to Rusney Castillo, the 63 million dollars to Yoan Moncada or the 68.5 million dollars to Yasmany Tomas; All from Cuba.

To have an equality of conditions and opportunities for Puerto Rico, an international draft would have been ideal since the bonuses would be comparable to those of the June, with preset figures per turn and selection position.

MLB would run a facility in the DR in which young people would be educated until they are eligible, which would remove independent scouts, trainers and coaches from the street. The draft is only a control and so will also force Dominican players to have to study and prepare better because right now these 16-year-olds at the international level mostly do not have a good academic degree as the draft in PR that Have to graduate in their 4th year of high school.

If the international draft had been approved, it would have leveled the opportunities for PR, achieving fairer equality of opportunity. The draft would affect many people in DR and Venezuela who are signing many prospects for big millionaire bonuses that could sign several talented players from 18 to 20 years of age who are no longer given the opportunity.

1986 MLB commissioner Rob Manfred told Baseball America Magazine in 2016: «There are two things about the international draft that are very important. First, I think given the current climate in baseball, new talent is crucial and a draft system. And second, a draft process is very transparent so I think the industry and amateur players outside the United States Canada and Puerto Rico will be benefited greatly. »

Bob Manfred finishes. Very accurate the opinion of the Commissioner of MLB. It means that Puerto Rico at an international level will continue to pass the pitcher because we do not have the same equal opportunity and many 18- to 20-year-old players will remain in «Limbo» and wandering the streets looking for an opportunity that will never come. Do not forget that older players in DR are also going through the same problem as those here in PR. We will remain uncontrolled in exorbitant international bonus and where the «buscones» continue to fight because the draft will never achieved internationally since they are watching over their interests from thousands of American dollars from the commissions they receive from their players.

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But if the Commissioner can decrease the age from 18 years and modify it to 16 years on July 2. Right now compare the 2015 draft to the draft of July 2nd, 2017, it’s the same situation because they continue signing 16 year old players with extravagant bonuses of millions of dollars and where we benefitting the «buscones» also benefit those who take their commissions under the table called «The Invisible Man».

Who are they? Interpret my silence. I’ve been talking about this disaster and inequality of opportunities for a long time because you know that in PR 5 or 7 players are not selected in the draft with millionaire bonuses in the same year, but we are still in the same mess for 28 years.

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